Here at Nostrovia! Press, our #1 goal is promote Passionate Living > Making a Living. 

We want as many of you as possible to have access to incredible writing and gorgeous covers, no matter your financial situation. As such, we're using a "Pay What You Can + $5 Shipping" model for easy distribution. 

Unsurprisingly, our store's interface wasn't too keen on "just enter whatever," so we've gone and included a range of prices for every chapbook. If for some reason the amount you'd prefer isn't listed, just contact us and we'll add it! 

So during this presale period, our recommended price is ~$5 per chapbook (or all three for $12), though please feel free to select whatever works best for you <3 

These are limited edition chapbooks, as we're producing only a few small batches! 

We certainly appreciate your generosity, as we'll be using all sales from this store to help contribute toward subsequent print runs and promotion. Your support and love means so much to us <3 

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments—we'd love to hear from you!

-Christopher Morgan + Jeremiah Walton