• Image of 'everytime i park my car i feel like i'm doing something wrong' by Joseph Parker Okay

"legally, companies and factories have more of a right to pollute and poison the air than the rest of us do of breathing clean and safe air and if that doesn’t make you angry then literally what the f*uck is wrong with you"

joseph parker okay lives in tucson. he’s the author of my phone is about to die and i hope it takes me with it and also the founder of spy kids review and 2fast2house. find more of his work at gumroad.com/josephparkerokay. he tweets @verysoftlake

[ cover art by Kritsa Esse ]

This chapbook has a story where an armadillo is the most revered animal in the world. I found that relatable because I revere armadillos very much. It also has a story that is very pro-snake, which I support. You will probably have fun reading this thing. And one of my favorite parts is the story titles, so if you're busy you can just read the titles and have fun that way, too.
–Steve Roggenbuck

This book is the response to the reality we are all trying to end. Imagine you didn't sleep for 8 days and then you told someone you love them. This is that moment.
–Audrey Honeydrone