• Image of "I Was Talking About Love—You Are Talking About Geography" by Bob Sykora

Bob Sykora's "I Was Talking About Love—You Are Talking About Geography" is longing in a digital age, mixing wildness with self-deprecation to create snapshots of love on the decline.

Bob Sykora explores a post-recession wasteland where the ‘the anxious dreams/ of flushed alligators deflating in the dry heat’ mirror a second coming (of age) when sleeping with computers is more common than with lovers and gas is “four dollars a gallon.” With lyrical prowess, Sykora reinvents the American sonnet, among other forms, spinning unicorns, gas station restrooms, Netflix, and butt spasms into simultaneous elegy and delight.
–Emily Jaeger, The Evolution of Parasites (Sibling Rivalry Press)

In his surprising, funny first chapbook, I Was Talking About Love—You Are Talking About Geography, Bob Sykora hands it all over. Seriously, we get it all: “everyone else’s internet / life,” “a Todd / we can all root for,” “some surface to bash / my head on while my friends discuss / the joys of joint bank accounts,” all of it. These poems look at the ways our daily interactions with screens make us ever-present, and ever-absent. They lay everything bare, but don’t take themselves too seriously; they are good, honest, charming company, 24-7, here with us while we are all "terrified / of this new type of love.”
– Jill McDonough, Where You Live (Salt Publishing)

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