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Elle Nash's “I Can Remember the Meaning of Every Tarot Card But I Can’t Remember What I Texted You Last Night” is a collection of vulnerability and love despite rocky times, telling these stories through the tarot's knowing eye.

Elle Nash’s i can remember the meaning of every tarot card but i can't remember what i texted you last night is a winner of Nostrovia! Press’ 2016 N.Y.C. Chapbook Series for reasons written not in stars but in sweat on tangled bedsheets, in the crushed spaces of apartments and the expanse of memory, nostalgia, bitterness, and grief. Refracted to us through the lens of the tarot, the poems here are both mythology and autobiography, legend and confession—it is impossible to read them without wondering precisely whose hot entrails are spread out during this divination, and whether the truths being whispered in the dark are the author’s, the world’s, or one’s own.
–Sonya Vatomksy, Salt is For Curing (Sator Press)

The poems in this chapbook are those of a witch, a warrior, a wolf, a goddess with claws. Elle Nash is able to balance the hilarious and tragic, the heartbreaking and the furious. She will slay you, and you will love her for it.
–Juliet Escoria, Witch Hunt (Lazy Fascist Press)

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